Riding in the Adirondacks


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We rented a lake front cabin for the week, in Blue Mountain Lake, New York. This is in the heart of the Adirondacks, about 90 mins from White Face. I only have room for one bike, and am leaning towards the road rig. Not too much info from the NY MTBR forum, and I can't find much on line. Is anyone familiar with this area?


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MTB'ing is severely limited in the Adirondacks. There only seems to be places to ride in the southeast portion of the park, and most of that required permits. The Lake Placid area is very strict on no riding. I rode the Whiteface XC trails last year but they weren't all that great. It is too bad because there could be very epic riding in the Dax.

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I rode up there about 10 years ago. I was at Tupper lake which is about an hour south of Placid. I found some cool stuff to ride. Can't remember sure where I rode or how the heck I found it.

A quick search turned up this site:


Careful if you do mountain bike up there. You may not see another person in a day of riding and being that you would be riding solo means if you get seriously hurt you are screwed!! Also check to see if any hunting seasons are going on.... you may want to wear orange!!
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