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I just got back from my bachellor trip to Phoenix. Unfortunately I can't share all of the photos but I thought I'd give you a sampler of the riding I managed to cram in.

I'd already been through the Arizona section of Mtbr so had an idea of what to expect. I found a guy called Fish at Cactus Bikes and chatted with him about trails. So I was set.

I arrived 12hours before the rest of the rabble I was with. Got myself to Catus Bikes right near South Mountain and rented a Giant Trance XO. I'd brought the rest of my stuff with me. The trail head was an easy mile along the road so off I buggered.

Aside from the initial part of the trail it was all singletrack. The terrain was hardpacked with a bit of loose rock dusting the surface as you would expect from a dessert. Cacti everywhere, blue sky, 80degree sun and a nice breeze. An absolutely fantastic ride, I can share Pixy's enthusiasm from her recent trip - although I didn't find any cow carcasses :(

Some of the singletrack

More of the singletrack:

A super-sweet house near the trail:

One handsome young man:

My overall route:


I don't quite believe the 3000ft of climbing - maybe 2000ft is a bit more accurate. but what a super-quick, flowy trail with a few hucks thrown-in for good measure!

Git yerself theer, son!
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Glad to hear you had a good time. Any vacation can benefit from a day on the trails. :D From the pictures, it looks like you rode some of Dessert Classic Trail.


Yep, dessert classic. A great, rolling, meandering trail. Me likey!
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