Riding in Phoenix?


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I am going to be traveling to Phoenix for a conference in May and I wondering if there is good riding in AZ. I will have a car so I am not limited in that respect. Has anybody ridden in AZ?


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yes - sedona is a must do. the arizona forum on the other board actually has a FAQ for visitors coming to AZ with trail advice, etc


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phoenix area supposedly has 'competitive use' type areas. trails created specifically for mtb'ing and trail running. supposed to be really good. i think it's phoenix area, but could be wrong....


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I definitely plan on trying to get up to Sedona! Most of the time I will be riding around phoenix, but I will be there for 2 weeks, so I will try to get up to Sedona for a day or two on the weekend.
Thanks for posting the link to the bike shop, I was planning on renting, but I haven't even thought of looking for shops yet. Thanks!


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I was out there a couple years ago, didnt ride though. Was out there playing golf. Wish I rode a little out there though, There are some great trailers apparently.


AZ Trails

I lived in Flagstaff for four years and Phoenix for one and did A LOT of riding while there. Flag's got some terrific trails but the environment looks a lot like Jersey. If you want a real change of scenery then definitely stick to trails in Phoenix and Sedona. The locals' best kept secret is a trail guide by Cosmic Ray called Fat Tire Tales & Trails: Arizona Mountain Bike Trail Guide. The URL below will give you a visual aid and review.


Use this book as your bible and you won't have a bad day of riding.

Watch out for rattlesnakes!


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lol...the first thing my girlfriend's parents said to me is to watch out for snakes...I ride in Florida a lot though so I have seen make share of snakes on rides...
Thanks for the tip on the book, I will definitely pick one up when I get out their.
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