Rides on sunday?


After some Adopt-A-Trail maintenance. 8:30 Saffin's pond parking. Nothing heavy, then a ride to the fire tower or something...

anrothar said:
i'll be there for the trail maintenance and ride. do i need to bring any tools?

Just gloves, rake, bow saw, water... Caterpiller D9 and dynamite.. lol. What the heck, Abrams M1A1 Main Battle Tank if available.
in all seriousness i can bring a small chainsaw if it would help. i'm sure it would with the winds we've had today.
Thank you

Sparta Brad, anrother.... Big Thanks for coming out..

and sorry about the hanger Brad. We'll get to the tower next time.

yeah, that was fun, except for the hanger of course. I have not been over to that area much at all. No GPS track this time. For some reason the reception was horrible. Maybe it is the way I have it oriented in my pack?
that was definitely enjoyable. it's been years since i've ridden that trail to snow bowl. Steve's advice about getting two hangers was a good idea Brad. especially with all the sticks we find on the trails around here.
Ok, I will do that, and carry the spare with me. Thanks for all the help on the trail guys, as well as the pick-up.

I am still a little frustrated :mad: about that damn stick. We were doing so well, picking up any loose stick along the trail that we found. It is kind of funny how we were discussing broken derailleurs earlier in the day. With the leaves and all, I didn't even see the damn thing, plus I was dogging.
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