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!!!!Stephen Murray needs help. Please read!!!!!
Stephen Murray Fund...


This is extremely sad. Here is a press release...


"Stephen Murray is a BMX Athlete that could use help from the BMX community. Stephen is a professional dirt jumper that is well known for his amazing tricks like double back flips, 360 back flips, turndown back flips and so much more.

Stephen Murray came to the United States from New Castle Great Britain over 10 years ago with a dream of riding with the best athletes in the sport. He came over here originally as a BMX racer but quickly took to Dirt Jumping and Freestyle in the scene of Huntington Beach and Sheep Hills.

2001 and 2002 marked the biggest year for Stephen Murray of his career. He won the Gold Medal in Dirt Jumping at X Games and back to back wins at the Gravity Games, the two biggest contests at the time.

Stephen is quoted on his own riding style, “I go 110%, go big and send it!” (EXPN.com)

On Friday June 22nd at the AST Dew Tour BMX Dirt Finals in Baltimore, MD, Stephen Murray took a horrific fall on the final set of the dirt section while sending a double back flip. Stephen has received career ending injuries to his spinal cord and vertebrae.

Unlike the NFL or other major professional sports, which have unions that provide funds to athletes who are injured, BMX has nothing like this. BMX however is much more like a family than any other sport. Now is the time we need to reach out and support one of our family members like never before.

The injuries that Stephen sustained are no doubt going to affect him for a life time. Medical bills alone can reach astronomical dollar amounts. As a BMX community we have the power to help him. Stephen is a young 27 years old and is the financial provider for a wife and two young children.

This message has the potential to reach millions. Even if you are only able to donate $1 if we did it all together we can accomplish a great deal. This is for real, this is an opportunity to help out one of the most loved riders in our sport. Please find it in your hearts to contribute any dollar amount that you can, and say a prayer for Stephen Murray and his family in this difficult time.

Here are three ways you can contribute:
Email StephenMurrayFund@hotmail.com with the dollar amount you would like to contribute. You will then receive an email back with the invoice that leads you directly to a Pay Pal Secure account where you can pay by credit card or bank account number.

Mail a check payable to Stephen Murray Family Fund:
92 Corporate Park Ste. C #171
Irvine, CA 92606

Make a bank deposit or wire funds directly to:
Stephen Murray Family Fund
Bank of America
4500 Barranca Parkway
Irvine, CA 92614
Routing # 121000358
Account # 1015867459

If you are a minor get your parents permission first. Donate today, don’t hesitate. "
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