Ride tomorrow???


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So what's the plan for tomorrow? Anyone want to ride Mahlon or KVSP??

I'm thinking a morning ride at either place would work for me.
I'd probably be up for it.I'm on call at work but I should be able to sneak a ride in. Havn't been getting much riding in lately with the rain.I'd be up for either place, anytime.

How did the pivot replacement go?
i'm doing the lewis morris race tomorrow so i'm out (beginner class...i'm not even thinking about sport 'til i can hang with scott!!) but, hopefully i'll be back in the loop next weekend. have a muddy good time! :D
I was thinking more of an early afternoon ride today. Sorry cem.

How about 2pm at KVSP? I think Mahlon will be pretty flooded in spots.

Pivot replacement went pretty well. Not sure if it fixed the problem as riding the bike around the garage didn't provide me with enough feedback. :)

I'd be pretty nervous about sport class myself Jake! Good luck in the race.
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My yard work plans have changed a bit. I might be abe to make it.
Are you parking at the small cinder lot off 206?
Would be cool if you could make it. We're meeting at the lot off of goodale road. Take 206 past the lot you're talking about and make the next right onto goodale rd. Less than a mile to the park entrance/parking on your right.
what "loop" did you guys do? i know it's hard to say becasue the trails are not marked well, but general areas...
Don't know exactly. Followed Scott.We did about 12 miles.Warmed up on some trails below the fire tower, then did the fire tower climb.From there we kind of zigzaged around towards the lake.
Started at the goodale parking lot. Warmed up on some of the trails around the rail bed below the "needle". Rode to the top of the shale hill where I always see the hunter's blind. Rode to the top of the needle. Back through the parking lot and along some of the race course down towards 206 and back. Then around the back of the old house along the lake to the airport and back.
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