Ride on Sat morning?


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"Road" Ride on Sat morning?

Anyone wanna ride?

I'm gonna leave from Ringwood (my town). Do a 30-40 mile ride.

Probably leave around 9-10am
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"Sleeveless Joe"
Blue Mtn.
back lot 9:30, riding Debacle and maybe the new trails in Depew
All welcome!
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It's a sweet place to ride. Lots of ups, downs and fast single track. It takes about 40-50 mins to get there from Giants Stadium...


"Sleeveless Joe"
Sorry for the mistake.
With Ringwood in your profile and with RW and Ramapo SP practically in your backyard, and Wawayanda SP maybe 10 minutes away and after one of the coldest, wettest Springs on record on a website named MTBNJ.com you post a Saturday road ride :confused:


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Intense1 - I caught the confusion.

The Tour de NJ forum (nod to the Tour de France) was created as a result of the increasing number of folks on this board with road bikes. The big board was getting sullied with all of the roadiee talk, so this was set up with the intention of keeping these animals and their matchie-matchie ballerina outfits in one place.
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