Rey Misterio's European Cycling Adventures


El Guac-Oh
I was recently on vacation in Europe and was amazed about the cycling culture over there. My favorite place was Amsterdam (and not only for the Red Light District and Heineken (I know Piss Beer, what am I going to do) :D ) They are crazy about bikes there. Everybody rides a bicycle: women, kids, old people, guys with suits riding to work, etc. My wife was really amazed with all the girls riding bikes in heels or boots or sandals. We rented bikes and did a tour around town, it was the most awesome experience!!
Here are some of the pics I took to share with the mtbnj gang....
There are more pics here:
a lot of pics of custom bikes at a dutch custom bike shop and some pics of my tandem ride in Brugge.

Oh, and nobody wears helmets, not even kids!!, just like I did growing up. ;)

Who needs an SUV? (Dutch Soccer Moms)


Where else can you ride your bike to the PORNO SUPERMARKET

Have you seen my bike? (This is by the train station)


Great pics

My family is from Germany. I visit most years and must say, make me miss it that much more. I have lots of pictures of "bike parking" by the trains. It's so cool that they "all" ride. Very few people don't. It's just so much faster and gas is like 8 dollars a gallon. Hope to see more pictures.
My wife was really amazed with all the girls riding bikes in heels or boots or sandals.

bet she didn't realize that she had just given you permission to take pictures of all the milfs, i mean women cycling in awkward shoes, huh? :D
Great pics, it must have been awkward carrying the new sex swing and rainbow assortment of dildos onto the plane.

Glad you had a good time!!!

at the airport they said, "i don't like the looks of that package, it'-salami-ng.".

i'll just get my coat and leave for that one....
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