Repair Stand: Vuelta bike stand



Manufacturer: Vuelta
Product: Bike stand - I can't find a model number
How Long Used: 1 Month
Similar Products Used: The wall or upside down bike!
Overall Rating [1-10]: 9

Positive: This thing is great! Ok, I'm pretty new to work stands - this is my first one but it's great! It's light, compact when folded up, sturdy and easy to use. The clamp rotates 360 degrees and is height adjustable fom about 2.5ft up to 5 or so feet tall.

Negative: I've not really found one yet.

I did my first few maintenance items this week and found it relatively easy. I s'pose a bench mounted clamp would be the ultimate in sturdy and there was some flex when trying to tighten screws but for oddd-jobs it works just fine.

I got this baby on ebay for about $90.
Oh. I forgot the flaming turd count - 4 out of 5. For 5 flaming turds it would need to fix my bike for me...
Ok, now what's your opinion after 1-1/2 years with this bike stand.
Is is as good as you first thought? Or is it not worth the $$ spent?

Ed in CT.
I still like it. I certainly don't use it every week but at least a couple of times a month. The only two issues I've had with it are:

-When the bike is being held by the seat tube it can sometimes rotate as you're working on it due to your pushing against the area you're working on. I s'pose a tighter grip would fix that though.

-The stand could do with being more weighted at the bottom so that it feels more sturdy. It's never tipped over but a more sturdy feel is always good.

-Oh, and if it had a little tray to put tools, nuts and bolts,lube and stuff on whilst you're working then that would be good.

That aside, it's great!
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