Reminder: Trail Maintenance this Saturday Lewis Morris


JORBA: Morris Trails
Many thanks to the following for lending a hand at the August trail date:

Duncan Douglas, Tom Carr, Markus Vaga, Ron Luna and Larry Smith.

Only two more Trail Maintenance dates to go, and we really need your help to wrap up our 2008 projects and get the trails prepped for winter (such as installing nicks in low-lying trail areas to mitigate water pooling, which can lead to muddy areas in the spring). Please give back to the trails you've enjoyed all summer so that we can continue to enjoy them year-round. Note that your work is eligible for PayDirt points.

Please join us this Saturday (Sep 20th) for July's trail date. Meet as usual at the Sunrise Lake boathouse parking lot at 8:00 AM. We'll be done by 11:00.

All tools, equipment and bottled water will be provided.
In case rain threatens that morning, call 973 829-8256 after 7:00 AM.
Unless the phone greeting indicates otherwise, the trail date is on.

Directions: Route 24 West from Morristown Green. After 3 miles, turn left into Lewis Morris park and follow signs to Sunrise Lake.

Greg Murray
President, Morris Trails Partnership
JORBA Morris County Parks


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Does anyone plan to ride afterward? I will probably head out that way and ride after since it's a bit of a drive for me.


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Team MTBNJ Halter's
Was great to work with you all today - I'd say we did an impressive job - and finished ahead of schedule!

Ashamed to say, this was my first time participating in an organized TM. :eek:
Glad I finally made time to contribute. I can feel the good karma building already.

FYI to those who couldn't make it today: I think the headcount was like 16 volunteers today! We closed down and covered up some super-eroded crappy trails. When we were done, you could hardly tell that there were ever trails there. But don't better trails have already been build to take their places. (I also got a chance to ride them today, and they're sweet!)

See y'all next time!
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