Reminder - Jungle Habitat trail build 5/17


Dave VW

Hey all -

Just a reminder that we're working on a new trail at Jungle Habitat this Sat., May 17. Meet at the gate at 8:45 - no, the gate will not be open! The trail we are working on is a short hike from the gate. Bring gloves, bug spray, water/snacks - we'll supply the tools. Anyone who wants to ride after should feel free to bring their bike!

This qualifies for Paydirt points - tell your friends!!




Mayor McCheese
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What if I have no friends? :)

New trail is good stuff. This is crazy talk I tell ya. New trails at 6 Mile, Ringwood, Jungle Habitat, and another park I can't for the life of me remember right now. Plus TM at RV this past weekend. That's good stuff, good stuff all around.


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I'm coming in late, after a road ride.
Which way should I go to look for you?
Will you be working on the new trail to the left?

Dave VW

No rain date - as long as it's not pouring, we'll be there.

Cyclopath, make a left at the kiosk, go down the hill, make a left at the T. Go down paved road 1/4 mile, look for trail marked w/orange pin flags.

Probably best to walk in, as we'll be carrying tools. It's not a far walk - of course, bring your bike and ride after!
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