Reminder- Highbridge NYC build day Sat, Mar 31


NYCMTB: President
We're on for 9 am work day tomorrow, folks. The jumps are looking pretty good, but still need raking and shoveling. It's a ceaseless task to work the rocks out of the soil and rebuild the lips and landings that have already been beaten in by kids riding the wet jumps (it's crazy- the top layer of clay has dried, but about six inches in the clay is still wet, so you can stand on the dry clay and feel it flex under your feet).

We also have some serious rock armoring to do on the freeride trail, and some very important projects at the lower trail entrance and "skills loop". The amount of work to do before we open is daunting, but somehow we'll get it done.

Please meet tomorrow morning at 9 am up at the dirt jump park (at the top of Fort George Hill). Here's a google map to the location:

Parking is readily available on Ft. George Hill. If you're coming by the 1 train, get off at 191st street and walk three blocks north- it's easier than walking up the hill from the Dyckman stop.

Lunch and drinks will be provided by Tread Bike shop (located three blocks from Highbridge on Dyckman Street). Thanks to the owner, Ozzie, for supporting our trail work. And you can bring your bike for a post-trailwork-ride if you'd like.

Hope to see you all there. This is our last weekend of working under the direction of Judd DeVall, Jeff Lenosky and Kyle Ebbett, so lets make the most of it!

Some pics from today:



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