Regular poster on MTBR dies on the trail


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I came across this this afternoon. For those of us that lurk on MTBR, the gentleman who goes by the name BelaySlave died suddenly on the trails of Idaho a few days ago. Apparently he died of a heart attack at the age of 34, doing what he loved doing, riding his bike. Looks like he was a strong voice in the Idaho mtb scene, an employee at REI, and from what I have read, an all around great guy, and a person who provided a lot of input on MTBR.

I wish my PC skills were up to par, but there is stuff on MTBR in the Passion forum as well as the Idaho forum. There is also a video link in Passion, as it was covered by the local news. Talks are going on to allow a mass of bicyclists lead the funeral procession from the church to the cemetery.

Anyway, just thought I would pass this on.

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Doing what he loved

better to died in love with biking than at work. Knowing you are enjoying your passions is a big plus, but 34 is still way too young. Human cells are capable of living until 120 years old. 34 is just when the fun and smarts meet in the middle. I do hope they allow the bike procession,...he would have wanted it that way.


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Such a bummer, terrible to hear.

Jess so well said about the fun and smarts meeting.


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Wow, that is terrible to hear of someone dieing so young. He had posted to some of my posts in the yeti forum. He seemed to have been real passionate about mountain biking. I will think of him on the trail today.


God Bless. Let him ride the signle speed chariot to the afterlife
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