Redline Monocog size small

1G cromo

I think this frame is worth a Moe ticket, and the rest can pay for a phish tour maybe consider the fizik to see furthur

no no stop thinking

performing alchemy turning metal into wood, the type that floats you know genuine. Just in time for the floods my kayak is born. How do you feel like paying for my noah project, sorry I can't save all animals but I could more than probably throw a goat wearing a pink shirt and snap a few photos. Hell buy this bike and be a stealers fan throw this on your roof rack and bump wiz khalifa's anthem. Wheel is also an awesome Halloween costume. Attached is an idea you may steal just in time for this year!


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Sean,if you are going to part it out let me know what you want for the fork...
PM me and we can talk...
ok flebay starts here, send me to vermont wednesday make offers and allow me to be crystal clear show up to get them

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