Red bull snoscraper


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i think last year they threw a rail jam or something...

I love snowboarding, its all i can think about in the winter, but i am not a fan at all of snowboarding culture...i dont know....all the 16 year old kids who have their parents buy them new crap every year and who ride around looking like a tablecloth because of their matching patterened just pisses me off....i guess im an angry person


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why si it on a friggin thursday for?? lame. and as far as anthax goes.... no joey belladonna on vocals, no care. lol.


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I don't even snowboard.:eek: Anthrax...yeah who cares. Although Scott Ian is a fantastic study in how many ways you can alter your facial hair and features once you loose all the hair up top. Guess I want to see what the cool new beard color is this month.
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