recommend me a good tight


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I'm looking to buy a warmer set of tights to get through the winter. The ones I have been using are a set of my running tights from my xc days.

I was looking at the craft storm, some of the pearl izumis, and a pair of descentes. Looking to stay around $80-100 at the most. They don't need to be padded, as I usually just wear them over my shorts.

Any suggestions?
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All those that you mentioned will be fine. Jdog carries all three brands at Halter's.

I'll throw another option at you. Get Winter weight shorts and leg warmers. Just as warm but more versatile. :cool:


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cool, thanks fellow mercer countian, haha. I gotta make it up to halter's one of these days. I feel like everyone made the trek to mecca and I stayed home and read about it in the newspaper.


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The Craft Storm tights are great for cold weather! They breath well and I don't get too hot in them. I think they run on the small side. My husband got a pair, size large and he didn't like the fit. I tried them on a ride and they are very good. I wear a women's small shorts and usually get a larger tight, mostly for the length. I have pretty long legs, 31-32" inseam. The rise is a bit short, as well. I wouldn't mind if they were a tad longer, too.


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i would second ben's suggestion. shorts, knickers, leg warmers and on really cold days some synthetic 'baggy' over shorts to keep the boys warm. it's a good, modular, more versatile system than tights.
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