Recommend chain lube?

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Thank you sir! I was googling like mad for Tec-9 lol :D

So, for those that use this brew...Is the T-9 by itself too light, creating the need for the dumonde?
I guess my question is, What qualities does the Dumonde add that the T-9 is missing?

edit: I re-read Jim's post...So the demonde is more of a lube while the T-9 keeps it from mucking up right?
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edit: I re-read Jim's post...So the demonde is more of a lube while the T-9 keeps it from mucking up right?

That appears to be what Jim was trying to accomplish. The T-9 web site does say that you can use it by itself as a bicycle chain lube.

Everyone loves Dumonde for its lubrication properties and hate it for the high-maintenance properties. Hence, the addition of T-9.


Boeshield T-9

Seems to work great on the mountain bike - chain stays pretty clean and shiny. But, on my road bike, not so good. The chain gunks up and turns black and sticky. Now, I'd think mtb would be the more difficult environment, but no. So, does anyone else find the T-9 mucks up the chain on their road bike? If so, do you have something else you like better?


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Nope. This is a Tec-9. Made with pride in Miami. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1339521610.410440.jpg

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Alrighty, I called Boeshield but the rep couldn't tell me a bike shop that stocks T-9 so my choices were Sears or West Marine. They both have it in stock in a 12 oz spray can but no small dropper bottle. (I guess I'll have to use it for everything now) :D
The rep assured me that it is the same formula, just in a spray can.;)

So, I ran down the street at lunch to West Marine and grabbed a can. I'm going to try it by itself first, then maybe I'll add the dumonde if I think I need more viscosity etc.

I'll report back with my review at a later date.
I've gotta believe the nasty tar/dirt/sand mixture I was scraping off of my drive train had to be worse for wear than even a dry chain.

Thanks again for the tips all. :)

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Boeshield T-9

The T-9 is working great! I've gotten 5-6 rides in and haven't had to re-apply yet.
Everything is staying really clean and the drive train is quiet. Thanks peeps! :cool:


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T-9 is some good stuff... we use it on pretty much any moving parts... also a lil' dab will do ya on a stubborn seating tire bead..
We also stock plenty of it in both the spray and drip.
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