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I am in the process of putting together a new ride. I am wondering if someone can enlighten me on the difference between the Reba SL and the Reba Race.


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i thought the only real difference was the pop lock but looking at the site i'm not so sure. they appear to be identical but there must be something other than the stickers.


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According sram website there is a diff in Damping Adjust:

Reba Race

External rebound, low speed compression to 'Lock' with external Floodgate

Reba SL

External rebound, low speed compression to 'Lock' with internal Floodgate


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The motion control floodgate adjustment on the SL in internal. You have to pull the little tab off and use an allen key to adjust. The Race has an external brass knob to make the adjustments to. The race has the poploc option. Other than that, I think the only other difference is a different crown.


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These seem like minor things, but there seems to be a large price difference?.
Worth it?


What is the price difference? I upgraded my bike this season and got the Reba Race Fork. I don't know tech stuff about bike parts, but the shop I bought it from recommended that fork for me for my size and for racing.
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