A strong 7
Inspired by Danspanks post, this may help in getting some rides together:

Who are you?
Where you from?
Whatcha do?
Whatcha ride?
Where do you ride?

Real Estate Investment/Developer, Wayne NJ
'06 Giant Trance 2
Kittatiny/Allamuchy/Mahlon Dickerson
Currently: Mine Hill Previously: Morris Plains, Randolph and Pine Brook Grew Up: Nutley
System Engineer for a international battery manufacturing company
Santa Cruz Heckler
Tourne, Allamuchy, Lewis Morris, Ringwood, Mercer County Park, Mahlon Dickerson
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Retouching Artist/Graphic Designer
'05 Giant Trance 2
Tourne, Kittatinny, Lewis Morris, Deer Park, Mahlon, Allamuchy, Blue Mtn (this place is so fun!!!).
smarencik said:
Inspired by Danspanks post, this may help in getting some rides together:

Real Estate Investment/Developer, Wayne NJ
'06 Giant Trance 2
Kittatiny/Allamuchy/Mahlon Dickerson

Who are you? jake
Where you from? boonton township (currently living in succasunna)
Whatcha do? sell outdoor advertising
Whatcha ride? an oh-5 ex7, all stock except for the seat...which i squished
Where do you ride? tourne, splitrock and the newly found ledgewood park out-n-back. i hope to get to the mooch as soon as my legs and lungs catch up with my balls.

edit: my "ride" is a green 1982 Jeep scrambler.
edit2: i've forsaken the ledgewood park out-n-back and traded up to the mooch and KVSP care of scott and alex...thanks fellas!!
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Point Pleasant
Airborne Hardtail, Yeti 575
Allaire, Clayton and Hartshorne during the week, anywhere rocky on the weekends.
I'm an inspiration? I'm welling up!

Who are you? Daniel
Where you from? Originally UK, then Dallas, TX, Atlanta, GA and now Secaucus, NJ
Whatcha do? I run the marketing team of a logistics company - a bit like Fed Ex or UPS but we don't own planes and we favour sea freight - we probably brought your bikes into the US if they weren't built here.
Whatcha ride? '04 Mountain Cycle Fury, Black with silver bits
Where do you ride? Sadly I've only ridden Tourne here.

I'll add:
What d'ya drive to the car park so that I know if you're there or not? A black Jeep Liberty with a UK flag front license plate - pretty easy to recognise.
Sticker idea

Toms River
Hartshorne, Allaire, Clayton. My goal is to ride all locations on this site before the summer ends...

Like the sticker idea
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Rocky Mountain Element
Allaire & Clayton mostly, but also Harshorne, Fair Hills, GCC

Rocky Mountain ETSX
Same as above
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IT for a large auction house in NYC
'05 Cannondal Prophet 1000 - few extras, but not much
Ringwood, L&Morris, Cannonball. would like to ride Kittatiny soon.

great site Jason!
bdpeter said:
would like to ride Kittatiny soon.

Hit me up when you want to go. I'm not in the best shape now, but it is a FUN park to ride.
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Long Valley
Job: Database guy for IDT; trying to get more into this outdoors stuff
Walmart special
Local Patriot's Path, Chimney Rock, and some Lewis Morris.

If any weak/noob rides come up, let me know.
Who? Mark
From? Jackson
Do? Web Developer
Ride? Blur LT
Where? Usually Allaire, Clayton, Hartshorne, and Allamuchy. But in warmer months, EVERYWHERE within a 14-hour drive from home is game.
Gary Fischer Wahoo
New to the area / Kittatinny (Allamuchy once)
Who are you? Jeff
Where you from? Rockaway originally, now West Milford.
Whatcha do? Software Development for an international LIMS company
Whatcha ride? Trek 930 SS, Santa Cruz Superlight, Cdale Gemini, Cdale R600 (road)
Where do you ride? Ringwood, Skyline, Moochy, Tourne, Lewis Morris, road.
-Piscataway/New Brunswick (moving to DC in july though)
-recent Rutgers grad, law student at george mason in the fall
-05 gary fisher Big Sur (bought new a couple of weeks ago at a steal of a price) that is purple (hence purple monster)
-chimney rock, six mile run, rutgers ecological preserve, round valley twice. I just found this site though, so i've got a lot of places to ride. hartshorne is next on my list.
Control Systems Specialist in an oil refinery
'05 Sworks Epic disk
Mercer, Allaire, Clayton, GCC, CCC, Ceres, Wissahickon, Brandywine, Iron Hill, Fair Hill, White Clay, Wharton, Lebanon, Parvin and some of the race courses of the MASS series.
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International Label Development Coordinator for pharmaceutical company
'04 Trek 4900 (just got into the sport)
lewis morris (so far)
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