Raritan 911: Robocop


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One time I got laid off they said no severance.
I said wat a dick punch. They said ok 2 weeks per year, don’t sue. OK, Back then a week’s pay get you a Blizzard today. Yum.


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Scary video from San Diego - rookie deputy almost dies from fentanyl OD just from getting too close


Wow, that's pretty crazy. We had a Flemington guy get a bit woozy one night; his partner was dealing with the arrest so I scooped him and took him up to the hospital in the patrol car. He was slurring his speech a little but never lost consciousness. He was fine but stayed a few hours for observation. After that, he carries extra Narcan for the K-9; always licking and sniffing shit on the floorboards...

Plus side: you've got good reason to fail a random drug test now.
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