random sighting


entirely thrilled
walking back from the pizzaria with my friend chuck to his house in manayunk, walking up silverwood, a young lady in a team bulldog jersey zips out from a side street and heads up the road in front of us. turned on hermitage, where chuck lives, and headed straight for wissahickon. just thought it was kinda random seeing a rider from a mostly north jersey team on a random street in manayunk pa.


Mayor McCheese
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Well that may have been the shortest mystery novel ever written. 11 minutes? Where's the drama in that?


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Jeez, you gotta come up with a better story than that, even if it is the truth...:hmmm:


entirely thrilled
i'm not very good at embellishing. i need to work on that. my stories always end up being sort of anticlimactic due to my reluctance to enhance said stories....
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