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My first run in with a serious single speeder was 5 years ago at Pedro's fest.

This guy was blasting past us on all the climbs. I thought he was an ass until i realized that if he didn't attack the climbs that he would be walking up them.

Now it is the other way around. Now I am on the SS bike myself.

It is hard to call someone an ass if they just don't know any better.

-Climbers always have the right of way.

-It is a privilege to ride a mt bike. Don't litter and don't act like you own the trail.
Hints and Tips

Hey, how about starting a "hints and tips" section here. Some of you more seasoned guys and gals could share your wisdom with us idiots so that we could some day aspire to be like you!

So,rinse out your reservoir and stick it in the freezer if you can't be bothered to bleach it and plan on using it soon. This is the lazy man's way of stopping grimblies from growing inside of it...

You're welcome!
i actually used to fill it a quarter of the way before sticking it in the freezer. that way i had ice in it already when i went to use it.


set your front brake lever slightly higher than your rear brake lever. you need the front most when you are downhilling, and are behind the saddle, and your rear brake most if you have to stop on a climb. this makes it easier and more comfortable to reach them. also, tighten them just enough that they will rotate if you crash, as opposed to breaking.

repack or replace sealed bearings instead of buying a new hub. your lbs can get you the correct bearings for just about any part on your bike. repacking them is easy. gntly pry the seal off with a razorblade, i repeat, GENTLY. then clean out the bearings and repack them. replace the seal and you are good to go.
Wrap 2 or 3 feet worth of duct tape around your seapost, right below your saddle. You'll forget it's there until you need to make a splint, patch a cut side wall, secure busted shoe, or rip the hair off a unsuspecting riding partner.
adjusting gears: shift into the middle ring and the middle cog, then turn the adjustment screws all the way in till they either make the derailler move or stop. then slacken up the cables all the way with your shifter, and tighten them at the derailluer. ;) works best on a hardtale, urt, or bike with main suspension pivot around the bottom bracket.
as a brand new rider who's soaked behind the ears thanx for the advice... i'll be sure to follow the rules of the road, well in this case single trail...

stay fearless and positive.. little lung
While most of the information in this thread is very helpful, I can't help but cringe when I read through some of the earlier posts because they sound a bit elitist and self-serving.
I've just read my own tip in MBAction. Someone else sent it in - the thought-thieving bastard!

don't do it. not only is it the least effective way to slow down or stop, it destroys the trails and makes riders look really bad in the eyes of other trail users.

the quickest way to stop is with modulation and braking distribution. grab more of the front than the rear brake. that's where most of your stopping power is while moving forward.
Yes I always dismount when I see horses coming and I put my bike between me and them. I pretend that they have no brains. It's important for all of us to realise that we use multi-purpose trails and that we are widely viewed as the "A HOLES" by the other groups. Here are a few tips I give to first timers I bring with me.
Keep your ass back for everything. Don't skid. (70 % front 30% rear)
Don't ride outside the singletrack.
Realise that when you are bombing down a hill that just 'round the corner could be a hiker, a bird watcher or a horse.
Bring your cell phone.
Tell someone what trail you will be at.
When riding even close to dusk be prepared for the worse case scenario---crashing, getting lost, injury, breaking down, flat, darkness---whatever. Ride heavy.
As far as obstacles go, I never clear anything that I haven't seen the other side of first.
good to know

dont have anything to add to that. you guys did a good job of covering everything. so thanks for tips. i will use them as much as i can
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