Radar For Car



I'll have to be careful as I think we have a bobby as a member of mtbnj.com don't we? Anyway, I'm potentially in the market for a radar - I just got pulled over this morning and a nice fine is on the cards.

Just to clarify, I don't go tear-arsing around all day, I just seem to vehicularly-unlucky. I usually stick with he speed of the pack but occasionally get filtered out.

So, any thoughts from the gang? What features should I be looking for in a radar?

valentine 1. Best radar that I know of. Pricey, but probably would pay for itself w/ all your tix ;)
Thanks for the feedback - I'll investigate. It just seems as if Jersey City, where I work) is breeding police like rabbits!
i have a wife. she yells at me if my speed exceeds 75. i never get tickets.
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