Rack trays for fat, heavy bikes?

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Since racks are a popular topic I though I'd get my Q in there too...

I haven't used a roof rack in a loooong time and I'm thinking about putting my Banshee up on the roof. With 2.6" tires (20mm thu-axle) and heavy build, is the there an upright tray that can handle it?

Can I put Thule attachments on a Yak, or Yak attachments on a Thule?


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My brother has the Thule Sidearm setup on the roof of his Subuaru Impreza, one to carry his Giant Faith and the other for his Cannondale Chase; both beefy bikes with beefy tires. The Sidearm is a dream to use, definitely feels secure.

I can't really speak for the Yakima-Thule bridge; however, common sense would tell me that in order to retain brand loyalty, they would make certain that parts were not cross-complatable.

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You can mount Thule bike carriers to Yak load bars...not sure about the other way around. Sidearm works great.
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