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I remember that year well. I moved up to expert at Lewis Morris that year. Oh boy was that a looong race that day.

Mountain bike racing that year was big partly because of promoter Sarah Frost. A lot goes in to promoting a race, buiding a relationship with the land manager, securing permits, organizing volunteers, marking the course, posting and sending in results. It goes on and on, and all volunteer. No one makes money at this. They do it because they ove the sport. Being a volunteer promoter can be a thanklesss job, and they do burn out after awhile, as Sarah did, I guess.

If you want to see more races, I urge you to get involved and join a club that promotes races. Besides being rewarding, you have the opportunity to train with and learn from other racers. It is a great resource. There is a lot of other things like trail advocacy and maintenance going on behind the scenes that make racing posiible also. So don't be afraid to get involved. Mountain biking belongs to us all, and just a few hours we all put in can do wonders.

looking forward to racing in 07



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Sarah was an angel in disguise..... she was seriously a huge pillar in the NJ XC scene back then.

I do remember those years when NJs MTB race calender was very full, a different race every weekend. it was awesome.
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