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I might go do #2 and #3. I need a warmup for my first 100 miler in mid april so these will help.


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definetly going! already done a bunch up there and there always fun. Its a short track but you do as many laps as you can in 2 hours!! Great prizes and atmosphere, vey local.


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Would love to do the Easter race but it's probably a dumb idea since I'll be getting back from a 2 week trip to Taiwan the night before.


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Flat, smooth, tight & twisting, FAST! Couple steep short hills, couple wood bridges that get real slick when wet. FUN! The last one we did they had a lemans start.


Yes we are going as long as the its not frigid temps. I think the lemans start is lame,

Fallgirl ...:p


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It's LeMans. you were right the first time. It comes from the 24 hours of LeMans car race held in france every year where they would run to their race cars and speed off at the start. They haven't had a LeMans start there since 1971 so they should'nt do it here either.... or is that TMI:)
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