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No riding for me today, but for a very good cause. Today was the 14th annual Susan G. Komen Race For the Cure, held at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson. The day consists of a co-ed 5k run and a co-ed 4k walk, all for the benefit of breast cancer.

Just about one year ago, our very good friend Denise was diagnosed with breast cancer just before she and husband Jim were about to have their second baby. Soon after baby Megan came, when most families would be celebrating the new life, Denise began the fight for hers. Almost immediately following the birth, Denise went through a double mastectomy and began an aggressive chemo treatment, followed by radiation treatments. It was a very rough road, but with the help of loving family and friends, Denise is now a breast cancer survivor.

Today was our first time at one of these events, and it was an awesome turnout. Denise put together a team of friends and family, and we all took part in the 4k walk. "Team Beach" showed some might, showing up 38 strong and raising just about $2,000. Several times during the walk, photographers stopped to regroup us for some photo ops, so we were really stoked about that, and the weather today couldn't have been anymore perfect.

It was really an awe inspiring day, 10,000 people were already pre-registered and the registration line today was further than the eye could see. I felt really good today, it was nice to be there for a good cause and to see so many people joined by the same thing. The spirit of breast cancer survivors is insane, a whole lot of positive energy today which was great to be a part of.

Already looking forward to next year, probably going to do the 5k run then the 4k walk with friends. Obviously also on the list is to have a bigger army of folks and raise a boat load more money, can't wait!


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Awesome man! Great job!

One thing that I guess lost in my Pink Jersey Gag is that the jersey is all about breast cancer. The wife of the guy who keeps the fatcyclist.com blog is on her second bought with breast cancer and Twin Six stepped up to do a jersey in support of her fight, with all procedes going to the LA foundation.

Truth be told I wanted nothing more than to podium one of these races and send them a pic. Given that my first XC race ever was LM this year and I pulled 31st, I was really hoping I would be able to send along the story and pic to them. Unfortunately that wasn't to be but I'll still send the email to tell them I did my best.

Rock on Walter, thanks for lending a hand and/or foot.


Fourth Party
Thank you, for a few hours today my dark, black heart had a bit of warmth. I have a soft spot for situations like this.
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