Quick shout-out to Halter's Cycles


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Was hoping to post earlier, but the weather hadn't afforded much road time.

Picked up my new road ride the week before last, (a Giant Defy Advanced) after a long search to fit my 6'-5"+ frame.

After a ride at Six-Mile, made my first visit to the shop. We discussed a couple of options and Jason got me on the trainer with one of the stock bikes. We spent well over an hour switching out bars, stems, and tweeking for fit. I was very much impressed with the quality and level of service I recieved, as I was still weighing my options. Called a week later and put in my order.

When I picked up, Jason went through the same process until everything was exact. A few extra goodies and I was out the door, one great bike, one happy customer.

Having made similar purchases at LBS's, I have had good expericences, but none to the level of Halter's. Many thanks to Jason for the time he spent before and after my purchase.

Thanks Jason. Chris.
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