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Does anyone use a seat post quick release? Why do new bikes tend to come without them?

Which direction should the handle arm on the rear-wheel skewer point when in the closed position (up? down? front? back?)
my old diamond back and proflex had quick release seatposts.....my 03 trek vrx 400 dosnt.....idk why.

as far as the rear....i just try to keep it flush with the swingarm. IMO it does not matter. some people claim to place it in this or that direction so that it dosnt become knocked loose...but chances of that happening.....
My guess is that with the increased usage of carbon fiber and other exotic materials, it is more and more important to torque seatposts to particular values. Quick release posts [obviously] don't allow you to do so.

Just imagin cracking your brandy new carbon seatpost and then bringing your @ss down on the chunks left sticking up... :(
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