quick pace, MD, today


entirely thrilled
i'll be putting in 1.5-2 hrs at mahlon this afternoon. quick pace, but not race pace, no stopping(except for mechanicals). i will start from the picnic area around 3:45. anyone who wishes and can ride for that period of time without stopping is welcome. this wont be a 'no-drop' ride. if you can't keep up, you will be left behind. that goes for me as well, in case some faster people than me show up.

i'm on a singlespeed, so take that in to consideration pace-wise.

so, picnic area parking lot, 3:30, i'll be on a brown karate monkey, with beard. rain or shine. although if it's torrential, we might cut it short or cancel.
thanks Brett, that was a fun ride. having someone else there forced me to keep up a quick pace, which i needed. see you sunday?

sorry about the 3:30 bit, that was a mistype. i get off at 3:30, then need to mount up my steed, and pedal up a big hill to get there.
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