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Hello all,
I am racing at Waway this weekend and a little confused on what I should be doing as far as training goes. I've been road riding all winter and did some road races with the Drexel Cycling team. For the past month and a half I've been mostly on the mountain bike and figured the H2H series would be a good way to get into the MTB racing scene:hitsfan:.

During my short road racing season I was in class and would usually spend time doing HW until 1:00 am to race at 8:00 am (Electrical Engineering is a lot of work:(). Now that I am not in school I feel like I should better prepare. What are somethings I can do on Friday and Saturday to make my body ready:confused:. Thanks for the help. I'll be racing 19-29 Beginner and sporting the Drexel Kit (well at least the jersey :D).

Yes Campmor H2H is a great series to get started with.

Remember to drink a lot of water, especially on Saturday. Try not to get dehydrated on Saturday.

It is ok to ride the few days prior but no epics. Getting your heart rate up a few times is good.

Pre-register by Friday. Get to the race at least an hour before your race. Make sure you warm up well, as beginner race is short and you want to get a good start, to avoid traffic.

Have extra snacks and water on hand.

Most importantly .... have fun!! :)
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