Qualification procedures for Mountain Bike Nationals

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Qualification procedures for Mountain Bike Nationals announced

Attention USA Cycling Mountain Bike Members,

The qualification procedures for the 2007 USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships at Mount Snow Resort in West Dover, Vt. July 17-22 have been finalized.

The weekend-long event is used to determine national champions across all ages and abilities in Cross Country, Short Track Cross Country, Single Speed, Downhill, Dual Slalom, Super D and Observed Trials.

Cross Country, Downhill and Dual Slalom are only open to competitors who meet qualifying standards throughout the season.

For a comprehensive outline of these qualification procedures, along with a complete list of disciplines, categories and classes offered in 2007, please take a moment to download the information from the USA Cycling website here: http://www.usacycling.org/events/2007/mtbnationals/07_US_MTB_Natz_Qualifications.pdf

The qualification period for the aforementioned three categories, which began August 1, 2006, ends July 15, 2007.

The events that serve as qualifiers for the 2007 USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships include:

· USA Cycling Mountain Bike State and Regional Championships
· American Mountain Bike Challenge (AMBC) events
· USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Calendar events
· Alison Dunlap Junior Olympic Mountain Bike Series events
· USA Cycling Mountain Bike Regional Development Camps

Additionally, all 2006 USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Champions are qualified to compete in 2007.

*Please note that national championships for marathon and 24-hour competitions are not scheduled to be held at Mount Snow. The USA Cycling 24-Hour Mountain Bike National Championships are slated for Wausau, Wis. July 28-29, while a date and location for the marathon championships will be announced shortly. Neither of these two disciplines requires qualification and is open to all U.S. citizens with a USA Cycling mountain bike license.

An event schedule for the 2007 USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships, registration information and the event website will be announced the second week of February.

So, in short, ALL of the Campmor H2H Races will count towards qualifying for the National Championships! But you must have a USA Cycling Annual License. Go to www.usacycling.org to purchase or renew your license today!

Here's the link that provides a list of all qualified riders:

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Now it says in the rules for qualifying that:

"The top-15 overall riders in each discipline, class, and category offered at the USAC-MTB National
Championship and offered at a USAC-MTB State or Regional Championship event (whether a one-day or
series event) will be eligible to compete at the 2007 National Mountain Bike Championship."

Am I reading this correctly? I will be racing Expert 19-29 and all I have to do is come in 15th place or better IN MY DIVISION, at one race, to qualify??? I know I already qualified for sport because of last year, but I want a shot at Expert. I hope I race in a field of 15 or less :)
Nope. The H2H series is a state championship series, but since it won't be decided until after the qualifying deadline of July 17th, the series winners will qualify for 2008, not 2007.

Looks like the Bulldog Rump, an AMBC race, is the best opportunity for a one-date qualification, since it's an AMBC race. If you place top-ten in your class in an AMBC race, or any race on the USA Cycling National MTB calendar, then you automatically qualify. The next closest Nat'l calendar or AMBC race before the July deadline for qualifying is down in Maryland...
Ok in that case I'm looking through the files of who will qualify for this years nationals and I see a few that came in 15th place or better at Hidden Valley that qualified. That wasn't a regional championship or an AMBC race. Which is right?

Don't know what to say. It seems the Hidden Valley Helenback race is the only H2H race listed separately as a qualifier (none of the other H2H races seemed to qualify anyone), but that could be more a function of promoters not submitting results to NORBA?

It does look like other state championship series have qualified people based on a single race. There were a number of qualifying folks from individual Root 66 races, so maybe you would qualify from one good result at one H2H race. I'm not terribly surprised that NORBA is inconsistent or unclear in their rulesmaking. Did I say NORBA? I meant USA Cycling, since they're no longer using the NORBA name... :mad:

The Bulldog Rump would still be a good race to shoot for qualifying in, although if there's no MASS race on the same day, as an AMBC race it seems to draw extra folks over from PA. At least the Bulldog guys will definitely submit those results to NORBA.
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