Pure Sweet Hell


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Someone here suggested this movie a while back and it has actually taken Netflix this long to get it to me. Well, it was worth the wait. Awesome movie.

Pure Sweet Hell is an hour long documentary about cyclocross, giving different thoughts and perspectives from several different racers and people involved in the scene. A lot of the movie is from the past few years with a little bit of older footage, but the movie kinda has that old home movie kind of feel. Some shots are grainy, others look like they are sped up a bit. Really cool. It was really nice to watch this movie on the couch today as I thawed out from my ride at Harsthorne.

I wasn't able to make it to Mercer, and I don't plan on driving up to Sussex tomorrow, but I did make it to Jamesburg to witness this craziness in person. I will tell you that after seeing this all live and watching this movie has really got me going. So much so that I called off my order on my new Niner frame so I can save a few more bucks. Thats right Jake, no new Niner for me. Not that I am going to have the money anytime soon to by a cross bike, but its definitely next on my list.

Check out this movie or get out to these races, its god damn incredible.


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It dosnt seem like a race, more like just getting muddy and running around like little kids:rofl: This is great!
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