Puncture threat in Twisty's


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Was riding today at lunch time and got an instant puncture in the middle of the Twisty's section. It was so fast I knew I hit something unusual so I checked the area out. Right in one of the turns was a tri-angle piece of metal sticking about 2 inches out of the ground with a sharpened point.

I couldn't pull it out of the ground so I wrapped a Pink ribbon around it and built a small wooden t-pee around it to draw attention. Hopefully, someone with the right tools can remove it. I did call Halters to give them a heads-up. If someone fell and landed on it, it would not be pretty.
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From your picture, it doesnt look like thats on the trail itself. Is it off to the side?

After, I wish I had taken a picture from further away. But....did not. Trail is about 2 feet wide at that point and making a left hand bend. This was about 6 inches in from the right outside part of the curve coming from RT 27. I hit it with my front tire and the back tire missed it to the left since I was turning. Tubeless blowout immediately.


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How were the conditions today? Looking to hit it tomorrow.



Conditions were excellent. Nice and tacky, no 6 mile tan at the end of the ride from dust. Was actually, thinking about how nice it was just prior to getting the flat. I was a nervous Nelly for the rest of the ride worrying about additional hazards given the issues on the Red trail. And, I had used my only tube. Kept thinking I could patch the front but what would I do if I got a puncture in the back tire.


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thanks for the heads up -

any chance you have the ride posted to garmin or strava - we could see where you stopped to fix the flat??

any other info to help locate it??


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Thanks for your marker. I saw it today and without it I think that metal blends in pretty well. We need to bring a shovel out there and get that out, if you fell on it, it w would kill you.


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