Pumpkin Patch Pedal 2008


El Guac-Oh
Somebody must've put something in my drink!!!

So I signed up for this thingie....that makes it 3 centuries in 5 weeks for me :drooling::drooling::drooling:

Is anybody else doing it?

ps...3 Mountain bikes for sale....PM for details..........NOT!!!;)


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The PPP is a very nice ride. It is a fund-raising event for the Staten Island Bike Club and they take great pride in doing everything possible for a successful day.

I did it in '04 and have a "ride report" Here.

Yes...I moonlight as a roadie on RBR. :eek:


El Guac-Oh
2 down 1 more to go...

what a difference does it make when you don't have to stop on almost every block ;)

I got a little lost at mile 98....made a wrong turn and missed the st00pid pumpkin on the asphalt....it only added about 1.5 mi more, so not that bad.
The day was great, not too hot, actually a little bit chilly at start time.
Checkpoints were well stocked with lots of goodies including cheese!!...I love cheese :drooling:


I feel good today, I thought I would be hurtin' at least a little since by the end my BUTT gave up on me :D and my legs were starting to feel it too.
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