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just over a year ago, i sold one of my bikes to someone - the transaction went real well, no hitches, no issues. well, two days ago i got an email from the guy who bought it - saying he loved the bike, but the problem he had now was that the bike had been stolen. he said that when he contacted the police, they asked for the serial number of the bike. he said that he had never written it down and was hoping that i had saved my bike papers from when i had bought it originally, hoping i would have the number... i bought the bike from high gear back in 2002, so the likelihood of me having those papers were pretty low (even though i'm kind of a pack rat). i dug around in my bike stuff, and unfortunately, i didn't have the papers anymore... so he's out a bike, and with no serial number to prove if the bike was recovered that it was actually his.

so just in case your ride is stolen, make sure you have the serial number written down somewhere, and maybe a pic of the bike stashed away, just so you can help yourself out if (god forbid) your ride is stolen.

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i take a picture of the serial number on each bike, and then just email it to myself. im really anal about keeping backups of things. I have 3 sets of every picture i have almost ever taken, and all receipts from each time i hit the bike shop.


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Planet bike scans the serial on my Trek's so they have a copy and so do I. I keep all my bike stuff in a folder near my tax papers so they'll never be lost ;p. And even if they are I can always go hound the guys at the shop.


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Great idea, I don't think I have ever kept info like this for any of my bikes and today I will actually at least take a photo and document serial numbers. Thanks for this thread I would have never thought of it otherwise.


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As well, I have photos of the bike (including closeups of specialty items, like my custom chain guide and bar ends) and my paperwork including the serial number of the bike. In addition, I laminated my business card, put it in a Ziploc snack bag and stuck it in the seat tube. That way if there's ever a dispute when the bike is recovered, I can pop off the seat and prove that the bike is mine.


Whilst you're at it take a photo of your luggage on your cell phone. When the airline loses it you'll be able to give them a picture of your bag - a lot better than saying "yeah it's a blue suitcase..."
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