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Aside from MTBR are there any good sites that actually have product ratings, either done by pros and/or joes ?

Hey Rich,
For a forum type of reviews you can check out

Since I'm now a 29er guy I usually check out the below links.
Lots of information regarding all 29er stuff, rides, reviews, and race blogs.
Here are my favorites. It can be time consuming for sure.

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For what it's worth the MTBR reveiws are the best. That site has a way of policeing itself. I've seen members call bull-sh1t on one-another if they see a suspicious review.

As for ridemonkey, I get the feeling there are a few too many teens aboard. Not saying thier views dont count, just that I like a bit more maturity when it comes to a product review. But ridemonkey is def sickzor!!
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