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Has anyone rocked out any of the sorta new Princeton Tec Switchback lights? Likes and dis-likes?


El Guac-Oh
I rented the Switchback3 for 24hr Allamuchy.
The lights were great, but a bit too heavy...perhaps because I got the biggest one.
I didn't compare 1 2 or 3, I just went for the one with more light just because I thought it was better to have more light just in case.

I didn't run them all night since I decided one lap in the storm was enough.

So I guess: Lights = GOOD, Weight = BAD


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We have a Switchback 3 at work and that battery is huge! Well not super big. I was only able to take it outside in our parking lot for less than a minute until the battery died. We aslo have a SB1 and doing the 'parkinglot test' think it might be too weak for dark NJ singletrack.
Did you find the beam pattern pretty adequit or overkill?

Glancing Aft

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I rented the switchback 2 at Allamuchy. I wasn't blown away by it's performance, but after I went through two batteries with my niterider flight, it was still burning. I'm considering picking one up as a backup light for this year.
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I use their Switchback 3 on the Thursday night demos at Wissahickon (Philly). They are amazing. The only thing holding me back from getting a pair of switchbacks is the price tag. Although you get what you pay for.


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yeah i got to make it down there one thursday. I bit a of a haul of us up in the northeastern part of the state. Think exit 168 on the Parkway. Maybe i can butter em and see if they can send us a demo.....
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