PowerBar Gel Packs - caffeine or no?


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When I'm at the shop, I see gel packs. Lots of them. Awesome.

Except I have a dilemma.

0x, 1x, or 2x caffeine?

I've always been told caffeine is the last thing you need when physically active; especially something as active as MTB'ing! I've heard it dehydrates you. Is this true or no?

I've been using the 0x, but would I see any benefit to bumping up to the 1x?
Are the 2x ones just for those early-morning rides to wake you up? ;)

- Chris
i used to use the caffinated gu but switched awhile ago and didn't really even notice. that's my $.02.
If you don't consume caffeine regularly they'll give you a jolt but I don't know how long lived it will be. I think you need to drink the equivalent of 6-8 cups of coffee to gain a noticeable advantage in competition. I don't think they're necessary but if you think they help, go for it. Stay hydrated regardless of how much caffeine you consume.
I dont think the caffiene matters much either myself. I have tried both and havent noticed any of a difference. However i have noticed a difference between powerbar gels and the other gels out there.
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