Post your old school pics!



Ok people... I know you have them!

Post your old school pictures of when your love of bikes first began... where it all started! Include pics of your first bikes, or the crazy jumps that you did as a kid or perhaps some old racing photos.

I'll start things off with a nice set of embarrassing pics! lol

1981 Sussex N.J - pic of me at 11 years old jumping a set of tires on my first BMX Huffy.

1982 My first Mongoose





Here's a few more -

1983 Sussex N.J - My brand new Hutch Pro Racer



1987 - Bunny hopping some of the local kiddies


Wheel stand




Ramp my friends and I made for jumping cars (and yes we actually jumped them.)


You can see I broke the landing ramp in the background because the lack of support beams. (We ran out of wood lol)



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AWESOME!!! my favorites are the first ramps, the tire one is killer, followed by the plank/concrete block thing...with the big audience!

The chimney shot...badass. totally badass.


awesome pics. i like the one with you jumping the ramp and all the lil kids behind you watching in awe. I like it because it reminds me of the local kids around here. They literally knock on my door and ask me to come out and do tricks in the street. Of course i follow through and go out for a bit and make them happy.
Keep on rockin in tube socks and converse :D


Thanks! Glad you guys like the pics - So I'm guessing no one else has pics huh?

I was typically pretty crazy as a kid and grew up my whole life wanting to be a stunt man. lol
The picture of me on the roof is a 3 story house. I use to do endos right on the edge and all kinds of stupid stuff. My mom just about had a heart attack when she saw the pics.

I use to climb out on the edge and do flips off the top of my house onto 1 box spring and 3 bed mattresses. I don't know how I didn't break my neck! Eventually my friends and I found old high school high jump mats that they were throwing away and ended up dragging those all the way back to my house. Those were much more comfortable to land on and it also gave me a much bigger target.

The first time my neighbor saw me on my roof she called the cops on me! She saw me on the edge of the roof and thought I was about to commit suicide! The cops came flying into my driveway and it was a pretty big scene! After I explained to them what was going on they just told me to be careful. lol


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I don't have too many pictures from my youth. Spent most of my time in the basement cleaning my chain.;) I do have vivid memories of the great moments waiting and watching the great EK make attempt after attempt of impossible jumps though. My friends and I would build ramps and jump them all week after school, anxiously awaiting Sunday's Wide World of Sports and whatever semi regular stunt EK had dreamed up. The flashes of thousands of cameras going off, that way too heavy bike fighting gravity, the spectacular crash... And finally Frank Gifford propping up EKs broken body as Evel would announce for the 20th time that we had just witnessed the last jump he will ever do.
He was an inspiration for sure. A real American Gladiator.


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I use to have that Evel Knievel toy back in like '77 or '78 maybe. Whoa! that brought back some memories!

Yeah, thats pretty much all my friends and I ever did was make wooden ramps in the parking lot next to my house. I never wanted to join any sports at school cause it would cut into my riding time! heh heh

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I love the pics!
I couldn't help but think of the movie Hot Rod that was out last year when I saw them.

I'll have to try to dig up some pics of myself from my childhood riding the trails of Ringwood on my rigid Huffy with no helmet :getsome:
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