post your century rides.


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I've always wondered why that mulch pile is always smoking. You should enter the base-in-your-face contest ;)


Time to revive this thread. Completed my 1st century of the year. More to come hopefully. 100miles of it was solo and headwind coming home was no fun. My personal best total feet of one day climbing so far.

Not sure why I got 20 hrs of elapsed time. Total time should be 9 hrs. (8:15 riding)


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nice ride .. i've always thought the climb going up toward lake welch is the hardest in the area .. you should be able to hit 50+ mph coming down if you let go of the brakes

i think you pressed start and stop quickly the night before .. then when you start it again prior to your ride, it thinks you are continuing your ride
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That makes sense about the garmin.

I wasn't braking down that hill. It was too windy there yesterday. I got no issues with descending on a road bike thanks to MTB riding ;).


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jim thorpe

when me and my wife went here 3 yrs ago i said to my myself that i will be back here again riding fom clifton.
and yesterday i was luckily enough to make that happened altho i was a little bit worry with the weather in that morning however from my experience with weather i knew those shower won't stay with me forever.
jim thorpe was an american athlete legend he's by far the most talented and versatile athlete in the world that has ever his name is mortalizing in a town bear his name an honor and tribute to him for his excellent contribution to this great country.

this small town nestled in a foothill surounded by mountain and flow of lehigh river make it perfect place for tourist attractions that annualy flock these town thru out four has many sporting activities for all ages and all kind of games you wish to play.
from hiking,biking,kayaking,horseback riding skiing and many more this town got it cover for all your needs.






now let me take you back a two or three step back...
6hrs ago,..before i get to jim thorpe.
there's a good news about riding on route 46 as of yesterday the roads surface is paved with new asphalt and wide shoulder altho there's still few section have no shoulder but still suffice to say it will do.and the bridge was almost done.
5yrs ago i read news that "they" planing working on route 46 and 17 as biking route could this be a good sign? well time will tell...
but,.yesterday i was all smiling riding along that route for almost 40miles from clifton.but don't take my word for it in case you wondering.

from buttzville i make left turn on water st to bellvidere and then x-ing to pensylvania.quickly i was greeted with different atmosphere were the roads are narower and bumpy.
but the view was stunning,with all those farm land and open fields that visible for miles away.and not to mention the smell in the air was also typical rural farm country.wich i missed the most for living too darn long in city.
the traffics is very low and quite maybe it becoz weekend day.
and what hit me the most was..HILLs
yes,the hill.
it seem endles in this country,never thought it would be so many hill.
this come to think as a shock to me..make me realize that jersey has nothing compare to it.altho each have different character landscape.while penn is smooth and quite meanwhile jersey is rough and rugged and loud.
both has HILL but with different personality.

the lowest grade is 2% and the highest 18% and the good news is the grade will stay at average 4-6% for this entire trips.
i'm not a strong climber but sure..i can handle 6-8% with 9-11mph speed
for short distance won't be an issue but long distance is another story.
so,.certainly penn wasn't as flat as i imagine would be.(how silly i was)
couple of miss turn and mechanical i deal with.also make alot of stop for water and foods.sightseeing is taken me a lot time other than riding.
gotta make the most of it coz i won't be back no more,i'm sick of all those HILLs.

with more than 10.000 ft climb elevation with 1.700 ft for the highest single climb and 150 ft for the lowest elev.not a big deal you say.try that riding for a day and tell me about maybe not in the west but i'm happy with this accomplisment for my personal experience.

after i have enough sighseeing around jim thorpe town,i headed towards route 903 north and then to reservoir rd..this particular roads
was so qiute i didn't even heard bird singing nor encounter any animal.
no cars,no human.
nothing..for about 5 miles long and climbing took me and hour to finish without cars passing me.what a weird roads.
and route 209 very much alive lots of bussiness establishment.
meet many nice country folks that willing to help you out without suspicious notion.

at the end of day
this trips certainly bring out my view about traveling in bicycles and what you or i'm can accomplished in such a short day or a day.
not only i love being on the bike but also love learn history in every place that i visit along this route.really worth time and suffering riding all those darn hills.


lehigh gap rails-to-rails trail
i saw this from the bridge above it and curious i check it out and found out i can biked to jim thorpe wich is only 7miles from this trail.trails surface is dirt but still doable with sturdier road i get on it and save me alot of time.the AT trail run next to this trail.

until next tour.
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Went up to Bear Mtn with a buddy today. Overall pretty good day. On the way back stopped at Deli by 9w/buckberg Rd. We beat the the Grand Fondo NY training group coming from South at the deli in less than 30 seconds. Otherwise it would have been a long wait to order some food.

(I need to wait for satellite reception before I start my ride. It thew off the whole start/end time)
first century in the books today - monroe to lambertville - thank you cape for the heads up on the cool backroads i was missing last time - i'll post the route and some pics later - too tired now - the backroads were amazing (zion, long hill, rocktown to name a few)

prior to painfest of zion rd (much fun coming down it on the way back though:))


big fella on mountiew view rd


so much of the ride looked like this :)




this fella snorted when i took his pic

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clifton to new paltz

rode to goshen and meet up with many BTCNJ member and then rode with them to new paltz.(so,.i can steal their beatifull backroads route and you can too:D)


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Another figure-8 century Loop from Lambertville. Aside from it being a little breezy out, it was a beautiful day. Temperature was perfect for a long distance ride. Seemingly endless beautiful Hunterdon countryside, quiet back roads, several roubaix sections and a lot of hills. A short stint on 518 and 31 which was kind of "meh", but gave the legs a rest from the relentless up and down.
Saw a fox in Kingwood and another one in the Sourlands. I love seeing them.
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sussex county century

Here is the century ride that Tim, Steve and I did in the hills of sussex county yesterday. My gps shut off at mile 83 so I am posting the course we used.


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Maybe we should organize a century group ride.

You should post up your rides in the rides section. It looks like you're mostly going out on Sat mornings, which is also my day to go long. There may be other Bergen County people interested. Looks like you're 2 ticks faster than me .. but I could meet you in Fort Lee and stay on your wheel all the way :)


You should post up your rides in the rides section. . .. but I could meet you in Fort Lee and stay on your wheel all the way :)

Soundz good. (no pun intended). Most likely I will go again next Sat or Sun with a friend depending on weather. I will post it.

I did my first back2back century today. I am gonna try a 60 tom and maybe a 50 Tues. (Training for Haute Route) If it wasnt for that wife will divorce me :D
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