Ban Polls until the Spring?

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I'll third, but only for stupid ones. Haven't most people realized that polls aren't worth much anyways?


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You can pop zits all day, but if you don't address the acne, you don't cure the problem. It will just recur elsewhere.



It won't really matter.


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Funny, I just typed up a poll to see who hates polls but at the last minute I restrained myself before hitting the enter key.

I'm a black border hater too.


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Polls for a real purpose would be ok... like "hey, MTBNJers, do you want to ban polls or not?" This has a clear purpose.

Polls that can be discussed in a thread are pointless... "hey, do you prefer a Trek, a Giant, or a size small Santa Cruz Blur XC in Trans Red and why?" These are conversation pieces, and the answer is clear anyway :)


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"hey, do you prefer a Trek, a Giant,..
too subjective

what bike you wannt buy next
  • trek
  • giant
  • specialized

or what type of bike
  • mtb
  • road
  • ss
  • fixie
  • triathlon
  • tt
  • cyclo-cross
there poll worthy imho

in print .5 pt solid BLACK border is a must, on the web, anything above 6 pts is too horsey


I'm getting ready to vote myself off the island. Too many polls, stop the planet I want off.:getsome:
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