Please write to my daughter...She's at US ARMY BOOT CAMP!


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Ok...I have shown up at any and every ride that I could make that anybody has posted...from Waywayanda in the f$^@ing winter with goattail70 (which had a WATER crossing and if I remember it was 30 somthing degrees) to last weeks 25-35 person ride at 6 mile all were fun ..I even showed up on more than one occasion to meet and see the EXPERT riders FLY past me at hartshorn compliments of jim vreeland...soooooo now I 'm asking EVERYBODY to reach out and drop a small letter to my 18 year old daughter who is in US ARMY boot camp at Fort Jackson SC...Please!

A small note just to show your MTBNJ support for not only My daughter, but also OUR TROOPS!!!! just say how proud we all are and that you know me from OUR web site or an actual ride we were on..

Sorry but it has to go snail mail ONLY!

Thank ALL of you in advance RON (RonzNd4Spd on

Here's Her Address....

2nd Platoon "Spartans"
Fort Jackson, SC 29207

Also on the back of the envelope write a BIG #2 this for easier or faster sorting of the mail....Thank you all who participate.....
after all I know what it's like to get or not to get mail while in the service myself I spent 3 years in the United States Marine Corps!

Thanks again!
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be sure and tell your daughter thank you for her service. i am a military member myself, it is awesome to see the new troops coming in. ive spent just over 3 years in and have 3 more to go ive seen the world ( including both iraq and afghanistan) and i wouldnt trade it for the world. im sure your daughter will be an awesome soldier, and thank you for your prior service as well
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