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Short version

(About) 6-8 weeks ago I dumped big time (while commuting) on my Stupid Road bike. Making a simple turn, gasoline (?) on the road, hit the tarmac instantly, shoulder first.

It still hurts, been ignoring it (it’s what us guys do).... finally went to Doctor last week, had the MRI done.... have the results today = Torn ("Not to bad” but it still freaking hurts) Rotor Cuff.

Tuesday its back to the (cycling friendly) Doctor for med's, physical therapy, etc...

My question to is ask others what their rehab was, how long, off the bike time, etc.


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honestly, it depends on how bad you did it. i slight rotator cuff injury and you could be off a couple weeks. a bad one, like i had, and 10 years later it still hurts.


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my buddy fell on some ice and popped his shoulder out and torn it. he had to get surgery on it. hes back to work now(3 months later), but it will never be 100% again. 90% at best.


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I just had my shoulder scoped on St Pattys Day to repair a torn labrum which is pretty much in the same area as the RC. I got injured on 1/04 of this year and like I said, didnt have the surgery until 3/17. Here we are almost August and I am finally getting back into the swing of things and soon returning to work on full duty.

Thats the short of my story, if you want any more info on it, ask away. If you have to have surgery, hope they can repair it via arthroscopically because if they have to cut you open its a whole different ball game.

Keep in mind I was injured at work so I went through and followed direction from a very competent yet ultra conservative surgeon. When he said I wasnt going to lift anything for 12 weeks, he meant it. When he said I wasnt going to lift anything more than 5 pounds, I didnt lift over five pounds.

That being said, I was in therapy with 3 different people with shoulder scopes. All three were lifting heavier weights and are now released while I still have about 3 weeks to go.

Like I said, if you want any details, feel free.
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