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I'm planning to ride here sometime in the next week, as weather and work permit... Anything I should know? Is this one of those places where its crazy easy to get lost? Is the trail still soft?

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Cannot get lost. It is a out and back. Bring your climbing bike. Awesome rocky climbs and descents!


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If you don't climb much, its going to be a shock to the system. I went once around November, it was the first truly cold day I ever rode in and my first ride here. The climbs kicked my ass and I couldn't get my breathing right due to the cold. I turned around at about 2.5 miles in. I still want to get back and ride the whole thing, one of these days...But hey don't let me deter you :D Get out and have fun


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I'd also make sure to start from the boat launch lot or main lot as if you start from the cush side you'll be in for a harder first few minutes :p Besides that hump from the cush lot, there are only 2 real big climbs, the switchback bit and that long climb after the trail does that Y split to either stay on the red or go down to the campground fire road. You get to go down both which are super fun. I'm a big fan of RV, good workout and nice views.


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I went for a pilot ride today... Just got back. I started at cush, where big orange signs warned me that I could get shot september through february, and its still february. I figured they probably meant the beginning of Feb, so I rode for a mile or two before turning chicken and heading back. Plus it was coooold and my lungs hurt. (can't say I wasnt warned about the climb, but the main entrance was closed).
Anybody know if the hunting is still in progress? Its supposed to be nice tomorrow.

Conditions: No puddles.


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what time did you ride?

please expand on conditions of trails. no puddles leaves some lattitude...


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I rode there last weekend & the trails were litter with trees, branches etc. There was a least 4 blowdowns across the trial, which you can't get over on the bike. There's no way, knowing the park, that any of it will be cleaned up. I don't think water or mud will be much of a problem. & the climbs are all still there! ;)


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Well, I only saw a mile or two of the trail... but there was no frozen puddles, only one tree that was argueably blocking the trail, and I cant comment on how soft it was because it was frozen.

The conditions were good today, but who knows how soft it might be when it thaws. I might go again this weekend, and I'll be sure to post.

I rode at 4:30PM today by the way.
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I havn't been out to round valley, but the snow just finished melting today here in Raritan (15 miles away or so). My yard is still pretty soft, so I bet the trails are too.

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