Places to ride in north west warren county?

Btown Biker

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Any ideas where to ride in the Hope/Blairstown/Frelinghuysen area? Lots of public land but not a lot of places to ride!

Allamuchy and Kittatiny are great, but a bit of a drive.

Paulinskill trail is good to put the miles in, but not a lot of fun :(.

Any of the land in the Water Gap/Worthington area rideable? Any of the smaller local parks worth a shot?


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yeah, if you know water gap national park at all there's 83,000 acers and growing up in the area i've ridden on both nj & pa sides. i'm not quite sure how relationships with mtbing is these days but were real good with the rangers at onetime. blue mnt. lakes between millbrook & flatbrook has about 5 mile marked trail thats easy for the most part. there are loads of abandoned roads all over the place also... go explore and get lost and have fun!!!!

p.s. as always stay away from appalachian trail !!!!

Nathan Crisman

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Im heading over to kittatinny tonight for a lap. Im just starting out and at slow pace and condition, but if you find places around blairstown, Id love to hear about it. Im on sunset lake rd, in hardwick. 2miles off 521.

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Thanks for the replies. I forgot about the mountain lake trail. Have to check that out sometime.

Did my first ride in over 10 years at Allamuchy on Friday. I was still able to find my way around :D.

The park is as pretty as ever! My riding...... not so much:drooling:

Oh well, just have to ride more!


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One other option is to check out some of the Wildlife Management Areas (wma). the trails will probably be atv trails, but could be quite extensive. You can get crude maps of the wmas on the NJDEP website.
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