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How long will I last?

  • Less than an hour

    Votes: 2 9.5%
  • 1-2 hours

    Votes: 7 33.3%
  • 2-3 hours

    Votes: 7 33.3%
  • 3+ hours

    Votes: 5 23.8%

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Disclaimer: I never claimed I'm not an idiot.

It is 22.5 degrees outside my house. My car is currently not working, some sort of oil issue. Basically, I put oil in the engine and it ends up on the ground in about 1-2 minutes. Translation, it's me, the road bike, and all of 22 and one-half degrees.

I'm going to set sail in 10-15 minutes and try to stay out for 3 hours. There is currently no visible wind blowing the trees around out there but they say it's coming.

I should also note that my trusty Craft base layer had to be sent back because a thread in the sleeve started pulling. So I'm without one of my basic cold weather fighting tools.

I'm bringing the foot warmers to help the hands.

My goal is 2 hours.

My level of confidence is low. One reason I'm posting this is to talk myself into staying out longer. The other is that the longer this post goes, the more it delays me going out into that abyss.

Place your bets. How long can I last? I won't log back in until after lunch or maybe later. So you have all morning to try and guess.


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i voted 1-2 hours simply b/c you're an idiot trying to prove a point. by the way, it's a balmy 19* up in these parts. maybe you should head to the beach?

oh, happy birthday!

Glancing Aft

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I voted for 3+ hours, simply because I think you're that much bigger of an idiot than Jake does :) Happy Birthday fool!!!!

Oh and get 3+ in, cause I'm stuck in the office all day, so do it for me or something...



I don't know how big a fool u r, these guys know better than I. What should happen is, you're motivated, u head out like a madman, u get a mile out, try to stand on the first slight hill, realize your sack is frozen to the seat and turn back around, go home, take a warm shower, and crack open a brewski and watch old westerns on AMC all day. Damn it's cold out!!!!!!


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Hey, it's your birthday- I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. 3+ hours. And if not, that just means you can start drinking earlier.

Happy happy!


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i voted for two to three hours, but that's only because i based my decision on your car appearing to be in bad shape right now.


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I say between 1.5 and 2. When you get back, make sure you put your drain plug back in the oil pan.


Like a Jerk


Strong like bull, smart like tractor
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he's doing this purely for our entertainment. which is good. i'm entertained.

right now about the only thing he wishes were that his chestnust were roasting on an open fire.


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...but it's a dry cold.

You guys are just brutal...

Was it chilly at 7:30? Hell yeah, but 5 guys showed up for our shop ride. We did it. Yes, we were cold... OK, we were freaking frost bitten and verging on hypothermia, but we're not soft and we were out there to prove it. 1:40 and out.

I say Norm makes it 3+ hours because he's tougher than me and he's got you all rooting against him.
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