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JORBA: Ringwood
Hi, I'm "pixychick" (ellen). I'm new to this site and love to mountain bike. I live in Bergen County and ride Ringwood a lot. I also help maintain the trails there as part of RVCC chapter of JORBA, so free to chime in with any trail concerns.

I found out about this site through Jess. This is a great site and hope to meet some of you on the trails.:)

Hi Ellen,

Good to hear from you. I was at the clinic last August. What a great clinic. Sure wish it hadn't been so hot that weekend, though! I haven't ridden any further north than Hartshorne, but that's going to change this year. I have to work on those climbs to make me stronger! Hope to see you around sometime.
Jess is a great person. Definitely someone encouraging and fun to ride with. I was hoping to do more riding with her this year, but I believe her schedule might be a little to full. We'll just have to wait & see.

Hi Kerry. I remember you. Great to hear that you are still out riding. I will be leading a girls ride in early May. I'll post it up here in a few weeks. Jess will probably be there too. Hope you can make it.

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