Pivots at the 40


Read on MTBR that Pivot bikes will be available for demo at the DH 40. Although I don't have the cake right now, Pivot bikes seem like the be-all. Designed by Chris Cocalis, they've got the most recent tweak on the DW-link and a light frame and fast handling. mm yeah. 29er too.

They'll be at Kendafest too.


you are correct sir. pivot bikes will be at the 40 with their demo trailer. mach 4's, mach 5's and 429's! so come on out and throw a leg over some of the most talked about bikes on the market. personally i havent had a chance to check one out but rumor has it that the 429 is sweet!

specialized will also be at the 40 with their demo fleet. so if pivot isnt your thing maybe the big red s has something in the trailer for ya!

more info on the blog as always.



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I'm very interested in the Mach5, but i can't find prices on frames. I wonder how ridiculous the prices are. Built up the bikes are a fortune, at least for me.


2008 Pivot Mach 4 frame...anodized black....medium....RP23 rear shock...brand new 1695.00

speedgoat has them both listed at 1995.00 so looks like they are same price.

give the boys a call and see what a mach 5 is worth. i'm sure they would be willing to hook you up. builds can be adjusted to fit all kinds of budgets as well.
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