Pisgah - Western NC for Nov 9-12


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Hey guys. I think I have mentioned it a little but I'm looking at going to Pisgah Nat'l Forest for Nov 9-12. I was wondering if anyone else might be interested in going or meeting up. I was there this past Memorial Day weekend and I didn't get to ride nearly all the stuff I would have liked to so it's time to go back. I know it's probably not possible for most(I'm a teacher so I have Nov 9+10 off) but it would be fun to have some people to ride with. My intention is to take off Wednesday evening and arrive EARLY thursday morning and ride almost right away. Spend 3-4 hours biking, eat lunch and go back out for a few more hours and then set up camp. I know a few spots that have primitive camping as well as a few campgrounds with more modern features. Each day I'm planning on riding as much of the day as possible. 3-4 hours in the morning, eat lunch and then another 2-3 hours in the afternoon sounds good. Then an early ride on Sunday and head back Sunday afternoon. I know from me(Parsippany) its going to be about 11-12 hours. Anybody interested?

Ryan H.
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